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Investigation the Effect of Serum Rich in Growth Factors on Proliferation, Growth and Expression of Genes Involved in Cell Longevity by Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Background: The limited lifespan of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) has highly restricted their application. The Serum Rich in Growth Factors (SRGF) contains growth factors that are involved in processes of the growth and proliferation of MSCs. The present study was aimed to examine the regulatory effects of SRGF on the expression of some genes which effect both proliferation and lifespan of MSCs.

Methods: SRGF was obtained from platelets and MSCs were isolated from umbilical cord. The MSCs morphology and phenotype have been analyzed using phase-contrast microscope and flow cytometry, respectively. Cells were cultured either in presence of FBS 10% (as control) or SRGF 5% plus FBS 5% and FBS 10% alone (as tests). The cell Population Doubling Time (PDT) was measured hourly. The expression of related genes was analyzed employing real-time PCR technique.

Findings: Finding of the present study showed that the experimental groups were morphologically and phenotypically as similar as to control group. We observed that the PDT in the experimental group was shorter than that was found in the control. We have also found that the expression of hTERT and c-MYC genes was increased, while, and P16 and P53 genes were down- regulated. These results were superior in the 10%SRGF group than in the 5% SRGF + 5% FBS group.

Conclusion: According to the finding of this study, SRGF could possibly serve as an effective proliferative and lifespan inducing factor for MSCs. These results also indicated that SRGF has the tendency to be employed as an appropriated alternative for FBS in cell culture.


Roohollah Mirzaee Khalilabadi* and Fatemeh Hoseinpour Kasgari

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