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Archives of Medicine (ISSN: 1989-5216) aim to publish research papers, reviews and short communication in the areas of medical research. This is a quality controlled, peer-reviewed, open access INTERNATIONAL journal. Archives of Medicine publish research reports, and articles of various research processes like study protocols, pilot studies and pre-protocols.

The journal is novel, attractive, open minded, and a peer-reviewed medical periodical designed to serve as a platform for both veteran and ammeter researchers with their path breaking works as long as they are technically correct and scientifically motivated. Subject areas include studies in fields of immunology, anesthesia, cardiovascular medicine, complementary medicine, dentistry and oral medicine, pathology, pharmacology and therapeutics, dermatology, respiratory medicine, rheumatology, drugs and medicines, ear, nose and throat/otolaryngology, emergency medicine, infectious diseases, neurology, nutrition and metabolism, obstetrics and gynaecology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, genetics, geriatric medicine, haematology, oncology, ophthalmology, paediatrics, psychiatry, radiology, renal medicine, pharmacognosy, sexual health, urology, epidemiology, ethnic studies, health policy, occupational health, medical education, legal and forensic medicine, environmental medicine and public health, medicine development and safety testing, drug legislation and safety.

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Medical Imaging

Medical imaging is the technique and the process creating of visual representations of body parts, tissues, or organs, for use in clinical diagnosis; encompasses x-ray methods, magnetic resonance imaging, single-photon-emission and positron-emission tomography, and ultrasound. Medical imaging, especially X-ray based examinations and ultrasonography, is crucial in every medical setting and at all levels of heath care.

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Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine is a medical specialty and is the practice of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of unforeseen illness or injury that require immediate medical attention. The emergency physician’s role is to assess; treat, admit, or discharge any patient that seeks medical attention at any time of day or night.

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Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory medicine is also called as clinical pathology. In laboratory medicine the pathologists will perform tests on patient samples (usually blood or urine) in several different areas.

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Internal Medicine

The medical specialty dealing with the diagnosis and medical treatment of adults. Internal medicine covers a wide range of conditions affecting the internal organs of the body - the heart, the lungs, the liver and gastro-intestinal tract, the kidneys and urinary tract, the brain, spinal column, nerves, muscles and joints.

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Psychosomatic Medicine

Psychosomatic medicine is an interdisciplinary medical field exploring the relationships among social, psychological, and behavioral factors on bodily processes and quality of life in humans and animals. Psychosomatic Medicine gives the opportunity to “hold on to” a great deal of your medical and surgical training and to use it effectively.

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Cardiology is the branch of medical science concerned with the heart and its diseases. The field includes medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure.

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Neurology is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system, which includes the brain, the spinal cord, and the nerves. The scientific study of the nervous system especially in respect to its structure, functions, and abnormalities. makes it easy to translate Spanish to English, and it also helps to translate English to Spanish for free. ile ingilizce ceviri, cumle ceviri ya da turkce ingilizce ve ingilizce turkce hizmetleri ucretsiz.
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General Medicine

The medical specialty dealing with the diagnosis and medical treatment of adults. General medicine covers a wide range of conditions affecting the internal organs of the body - the heart, the lungs, the liver and gastro-intestinal tract, the kidneys and urinary tract, the brain, spinal column, nerves, muscles and joints.

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Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine (PCCM) is committed to caring for critically ill patients and patients with lung disease. Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine hold clinical and research expertise in a broad range of diseases including asthma, COPD, critical care, cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, lung cancer.

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Toxicology and Therapeutics

Toxicology is the scientific study of adverse effects that occur in living organisms due to chemicals while, therapeutics is the branch that deals specifically with the treatment of disease and the art and science of healing.

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Pediatrics is a branch of medicine that is concerned with the health of infants, children, and adolescents and their opportunity to achieve full potential as adults. It deals with the development, care, and diseases of children.

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Allergic Diseases

Allergies occur when the immune system reacts against harmless substances in the environment. immune system produces substances known as antibodies. These antibodies protect us from unwanted invaders that could make you sick or cause infection.

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