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Editorial note on COVID 19: Latest updates and drug development

Covid-19 has been marked as a highly pathogenic coronavirus of COVID-19 disease into the human population, causing over 5.5 million confirmed cases worldwide. As COVID-19 has represented a worldwide danger with critical human setbacks and extreme monetary misfortunes, there is a squeezing interest to additionally comprehend the current circumstance and create sane techniques to contain the intense spread of the infection. In spite of the fact that there are no particular antiviral treatments that have demonstrated viable in randomized clinical preliminaries, right now, the fast identification innovation alongside a few promising therapeutics for COVID-19 have moderated its radical transmission. In addition, worldwide foundations and enterprises have initiated to parse out viable immunizations for the counteraction of COVID-19. Thus, the current audit will give thorough subtleties of broad investigates concerning the medication disclosure and helpful choices for COVID-19 just as some keen conversations of the situation with COVID-19.


Maria Smith

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