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A prospective study of thyroid - dysfunction in patients with Type 2 diabetes in general population

Aims and objectives: The study was undertaken with an objective to know the thyroid functions in Type 2 diabetics and to know the spectrum of thyroid dysfunction in Type 2 DM.

Methods: A total of 100 patients with Type 2 DM who were diagnosed on the basis of ADA criteria or who were taking treatment for Diabetes were included in the study. All patients in the study underwent thyroid profile tests for the thyroid status and also target organ evaluation for Diabetes. TPO-Ab, thyroid USG and FNAC where done where ever required. A detailed history and examination was done on these patients.

Results: A total of 100 Type 2 DM patients were included in the study. Thyroid disorders were present in 29%. Hypothyroidism in 1, hyperthyroid in 13 and subclinical hypothyroidism in 15 cases. In this study 50 patients were males and 50 were females. Females (36%) had high incidence of thyroid disorders than males (22%). Sub- clinical hypothyroidism was more common among elderly (31.25%). Elderly females had high incidence of sub- clinical hypothyroidism (18.2%). Clinical features were present in 8 patients, all of them were diagnosed hyperthyroid. Other patients did not have any sings and symptoms. Patients with hyperthyroidism had a poor glycemic control 55.5% duration of diabetes had no relation with incidence of thyroid disorders. Patients with severe diabetic micro vascular complication had sub- clinical hypothyroidism.

Conclusion: prevalence of thyroid disorders in Diabetics was 29%. Elderly population had more incidence than those below sixty. Sub-clinical hypothyroidism was more common among females. Diabetics with hyperthyroidism had poor glycemic control. Severe diabetic complications where noted in patients with sub- clinical hypothyroidism. Duration of Diabetes had not impact on thyroid dysfunction.

Author(s): Ravishankar SN

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